The Crowdfunding Academy is a unique education programme that covers all the aspects of crowdfunding campaigns developed for different subjects. General Crowdfunding Academy gathers SMEs, startups, social businesses, gaming teams, CSOs and civic media organisations. Unlike the programmes for specific target groups, these crowdfunding academies were developed as more general ones.

The Crowdfunding Academy consists of four modules through which teams learn about the theoretical and practical aspects of preparing and running a crowdfunding campaign from experts in the fields of entrepreneurship, marketing, and communications.

Since 2018, we have developed the Crowdfunding Academy for Social Entrepreneurs, tailored explicitly to socially responsible projects, and from 2020 we introduced an online crowdfunding academy model, enabling participation regardless of the distance and reducing the carbon footprint of the service.

In the last five years through the Crowdfunding Academy, we have educated more than 300 teams around the world, carried out a series of successful campaigns and thus enabled the launch of a series of projects for small and medium-sized enterprises, non-profit organisations and social enterprises. Successful campaigns from the Crowdfunding Academy that we have further supported include STEMI, Fabula, Brlog, Guzgef Solar School, Lighten the Load, Solar Retro Sailboat, Bring Water For Life and Taste of Home.

Today the Crowdfunding Academy is the most recognisable brand in the field of alternative financing. It is held annually in Croatia and Serbia and other European countries (such as Ukraine and Tajikistan). At the same time, members of the Academy’s team provide consulting and campaigning services throughout the year. For more than eight years, we have continuously offered knowledge and experience to numerous Crowdfunding Academy students.

The Crowdfunding Academy has given its contribution to the research the Current State of Crowdfunding in Europe, by providing statistics and insights into the industry in Croatia.