In 2016, Zagreb once again became a gathering place for crowdfunding enthusiasts from all over Europe. During two days of lectures, panels and workshops, the 2nd edition of the Zagreb Convention on Crowdfunding was dedicated entirely to social entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurial sphere is the one in which the world’s largest profits are made through crowdfunding, while in Croatia so far most projects have been funded in the civil sector.

By transferring knowledge through lectures and workshops about the use of models such as equity crowdfunding, the aim was to encourage the use of existing crowdfunding potentials in the entrepreneurial sector, particularly for entrepreneurial projects launched by marginalised social groups who find it difficult to access sources of funding. Besides that, the Zagreb Crowdfunding Convention 2016 was a great opportunity to learn about examples of good crowdfunding practices and connect crowdfunding enthusiasts from the region (Who builds the city – Serbia; IdeaFunder, SPARK – BiH; Polygon – Slovenia), which encouraged the regional expansion of the crowdfunding market.

The Convention was organised in collaboration with the German-Serbian Initiative for Sustainable Growth and Employment, the Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unity (SIPRU) of the Government of Serbia and the Henrich Boll Foundation.