Taste of Home

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Taste of Home (Okus doma) is a social cooperative run by refugees, migrants and volunteers.

A group of asylum seekers in Zagreb wanted to open a kitchen to present their native culinary culture to their new environment. In the midst of the refugee crisis in the autumn of 2015, the Taste of Home initiative launched a crowdfunding campaign, Taste of Home: A Kitchen Run by Refugees, to fund the restaurant and catering service. In addition to educating the team, we participated in the preparation of the strategy and the implementation of the campaign, and continued support with promotional activities, with a particular focus on media relations throughout the campaign. The campaign raised $19,649, which surpassed their initial $17,000 goal, enabling the rental and equipment for a kitchen where they prepare food. The campaign received huge media attention. Taste of Home ended up being one of the most popular and diverse catering services for conferences in Zagreb, as well as a social cooperative run by refugees, migrants and Croatian volunteers.