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A team of students had the idea to provide the educational programmes that users would receive when ordering a STEMI robot. Given that the STEMI robot is delivered in parts, educational video materials serve as a guide for the self-assembly of the robot, thereby also learning about 3D modelling, electronics and programming for mobile applications. The first STEMI Indiegogo campaign raised $36,816, so it has additionally raised funds needed to further develop the project. The project was promoted in Croatia and beyond so the project received numerous backers and investors who today are still helping to develop it.

Crowdfunding academy alumni boldly proceeded on and scaled up their business with a Funderbeam equity crowdfunding campaign, raising more than €319,000.00 in investments. STEMI is now much more than a student innovative hexapod robot lean startup, it has become a business that creates plug and play STEAM solutions, which helps schools around the world to transform their classrooms into innovation labs where students can experience hands-on projects emulating real-world practices. Brick by brick, wouldn’t you say?