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Before becoming “Brlog brewery girls”, they challenged themselves to brew their own beer. With the idea of ​​raising money for a cooperative brewery, Ana and Maja participated in the first Crowdfunding Academy back in the spring of 2016. They launched their crowdfunding campaign that aimed to raise funds for the procurement of professional brewing equipment. The role of the Brodoto team was primarily advisory, with greater involvement in the technical aspects of campaign implementation and public relations. With large media coverage, Brlog received free PR and a lot of unexpected benefits that crowdfunding can deliver.  We continued our collaboration in 2018, when we worked on the creation of visuals and copywriting for the new products of the Brlog Brewery. Some Brodoto staff members are co-op members as well. From new co-op members, more than 90 of them, Brlog raised more than 130,000€ in a second crowdfunding campaign, more than double the set goal. From two girls brewing in an old “ajvar” boiler, to a best practice example, a successful cooperative, and a positive impact business in 5 years – all helped with reaching out to alternative means of financing.