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Crowdfunding is still underused possibility for people with great ideas. Nonprofits, companies and individuals can use crowdfunding to innovate and create new projects that will make the world a better place. That is the reason why social impact agency BRODOTO and United Nations Development Program in Croatia started Crowdfunding Academy. This educational program serves everyone who has a great idea, but lacks knowledge how to use crowdfunding to make it a reality.

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So far...

Over the course of two years Crowdfunding Academy has:

- trained more than 60 teams
- helped raising hundreds of thousands of dollars
- trained teams in Istanbul, Zagreb, Kyiv...
- created interest for crowdfunding in undeveloped markets of SEE
- organised two international conferences

In the following years we are planning to spread our education and promotion into several other countries. Let us know if you wish to cooperate!

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We are an official Indiegogo partner since 2015.

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